"everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."

leo tolstoy (via quote-book)


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Summer, where are you?

"Acting on desire is more like a craft, a science, an art. It takes careful mindful practice. Be patient and quiet. Listen, observe, take notes. Figure out what you want, privately, and then choose to want it, publicly. Put your desire out in the open. I want to go swimming. I want to bake bread. I want to paint a picture. I want to build a chair. I want to write a book. You act and then you fail. Over and over. And it’s better to start failing when you’re young, when all you lose is an ice-cream cone or a basketball game or an afternoon of fun. When you’re older, the stakes are higher. If adults don’t know how to want, then they lose a love, a career, a life."

David Barringer, There’s Nothing Funny About Design (via tenrewnna)

"True ornament…is organic with the structure it adorns, whether a person, a building, or a park."

Frank Lloyd Wright (via designersocial)